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"so hopped up with hottitude and humor, every second is eye-popping or belly busting"
 -Reno Gazette Journal

Prestige Productions creates captivating escapes into a world of one-of-a-kind cabaresque theater. With influences from Broadway plays and musicals, Vegas-style variety & comedy shows, professional dance companies, burlesque, magic, cirque, educational and immersive experiences, #TeamPrestige features a collective of versatile and dynamic athleticism, art, and beautiful beings. We are empowered, sexy as hell, totally weird, and insanely talented.

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Quick n' Dirty Stage Cred

We're based out of Austin TX (recently), and Reno, NV, but perform worldwide (wide.. wide..). As a full-service production house, we write, direct, and produce all of our headline shows as originals.  Our team has produced six years of award-winning productions for Caesar's entertainment, the first-ever (and completely sold-out) residency at Hard Rock Lake Tahoe, music videos, all-ages dance conventions and workshops, product launches (such as Red Bull Orange), and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations such as the Special Olympics. When it comes to the types of projects we engage in, we are open-minded. Whether you are looking to book performers for an event, book a showroom, collaborate on a creative concept, or seek a consultant, we'd love to hear about your project.

Being Prestigious


In addition to exciting audiences, Prestige is committed to empowering artists - from our stage and beyond. For our resident shows, we cast from the local communities and invest in artist development, cross-training, career skills, and mentorship alongside rehearsals and performances. We contribute to our communities and to each other because WE CREATE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Prestige builds casts based on chemistry and next-level talent that thrives on becoming better artists and humans, together. We are inclusive, elevating, and daring, and there is no shame anywhere in our game. Our bodies and our imaginations are art, and we are so grateful to all of you who show up to celebrate that with us.  

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